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Summer Holiday Blog Hiatus

vacation picture

vacation picture

It’s time for me to take a little break….

Here’s your chance to catch up with some of the top Love Dove Tarot posts from the past (nearly) 6 months!

The Ultimate “Will He Come Back?” Tarot Spread

Love & Romance Tarot Card Combinations

Tarot Card Combinations for Soul Mates

Best Love Quotes Ever

The Romance Angels Oracle Review

Keeping the Mystery Alive Tarot Spread

Heart of the Relationship Tarot Spread

Call Your Twin Flame to You

How He Really Feels Tarot Spread

8 Types of W*ankers (the male Court Cards reversed)

Multiples and Pairings in Love Tarot Readings

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Break-Up & Getting Your Ex Back


Thank you so much for reading, commenting and sharing! It boggles my mind how quickly this blog has grown since it went live on the evening of the 31st of January this year. Your participation and enthusiasm is a major part in my inspiration to keep going… Mwah!


Happy Holidays, everyone!


Angel Starlight Blessings,

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PS. Services available but may be slightly delayed during the holidays. Feel free to contact me first to check for availability.

PPS. The weekly newsletter is also paused until the start of next term.

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