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16 Pregnancy and Fertility Tarot Card Combos

Before I start listing the pregnancy and fertility card combinations, I want to make it abundantly clear that you should never use the cards in place of a medical health care professional, nor do I recommend using the cards as a pregnancy test. I can assure you that you won’t get much joy from the cards that way since detachment from the outcome is necessary in order to accurately read the cards.

My reason for creating this list of tarot card combination interpretations is to help you get to know the cards better. Naturally, birth and pregnancies do show up in readings – as do miscarriages and abortions.

The knowledge shared with you in this post must be used with utmost discretion when reading for others. Always make it clear that your reading is not an alternative to pregnancy tests or proper medical check-ups. Never give a pregnant lady bad news or tell someone that they are unable to have children. EVER. This is for the same reason you never ever use the cards to diagnose a condition. You are not a doctor.

Do have fun experimenting with these interpretations by picking out the cards used (as you will see, many of them are repeated) and see if you can come up with other meaningful combinations that relate to pregnancy and fertility.

If you are looking for a Pregnancy Tarot Spread which covers all three trimesters, as well as conception, birth and sex of the baby, you will find one HERE.

Positive Pregnancy Test:

Ace of Wands and Page of Cups

Negative Pregnancy Test:

4 of Swords and Page of Cups

Peak Fertility:

Ace of Wands and The Empress

A Broody Woman:

The Empress and Queen of Pentacles

Extremely Fertile Woman:

The Empress and Strength

Barren Woman:

Queen of Swords and The High Priestess

Extremely Fertile Man:

The Emperor and the Ace of Wands


The Empress and The Tower

Blighted Ovum / ‘Missed Miscarriage':

The Empress and Death


The Tower and 10 of Swords

Unexpected Pregnancy:

‘ The Wheel of Fortune and the Ace of Cups

The Birth of a New Family Member:

Ace of Cups and 10 of Cups

Twins or Multiples:

The Lovers and The Sun

The Birth of a Baby Boy:

The Sun and the Ace of Wands

The Birth of a Baby Girl:

The Sun and the Ace of Cups

A Healthy Pregnancy:

The Empress and The Sun

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  1. For me the reversed Princess of Disks in Thoth signals a barren womb or a woman having difficulty with fertility.

    I totally agree with you about the Sun and the Lovers signalling a multiple birth. I called this one myself a couple weeks ago with a client.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I asked the cards my potential for getting pregnant over the next 6 months. I received the Lovers and the Two of Wands. I interpreted this as twin boys. What do you think?

    Thank you! Brittney

  3. Hi Celeste :) Thanks for commenting. Yes, that makes sense if you read with reversals and interpret them as a blockage of some kind. I never read the Thoth deck with reversals myself so barrenness would be indicated by surrounding cards. The Princess of Disks is very much a card of pregnancy in the Thoth Tarot!

  4. Hello Lisa,

    I did a 3 card reading asking: Is it my calling to be a mother? I received Empress, Ace of Cups, and Nine of Cups. This looks positive to me, but I am very new at this and wanted to confirm.

    Thank you, Hailey

  5. Hi Lisa, back in March I did a 12 month spread. For October I got the Sun, November Page of Cups and December The Empress. These seem positive for me for a pregnancy. What do you think? Im new at this :)

      • Even better now after that reply – Thank you! Yes I have been struggling with fertility for a very long time, with a few early miscarriages in between so i decided to take the last 8 months off to improve my health using traditional chinese medicine and naturopathy. And I do feel great at the moment!! My husband and I decided to try again this month as the time seems right. I guess I will know by the start of November. Thank you again!!

  6. Hi there i done a 12 month spread today and 1st card was tTHE SUN then 7 cards later i got ACE OF SWORDS and the 9th card i got THE LOVERS then 10th card 3 OF SWORDS then DEATH how would you interpent this??? Thank you for your insight xox

      • I feel that i maybe pregnant right now THE SUN due in 9 months with twins THE LOVERS. The ACE OF SWORDS could indicate maybe early labor 7 months in to the pregnancy. Frustration surrounding this. 3 OF SWORDS could indicate able to take baby’s home but frustrations still around the situation maybe because of the pre mature labor. And baby’s been in hospital born very little. DEATH to me means new beginnings end of that situation and things starting to look up feeling good and the situation has improved. I have been having the EMPRESS falling out of the deck this month and has been my first card in my spreads i have been doing. THE LOVERS have been there in the spreads as well as ACE OF WANDS.

        • Is this the 12 Houses spread for the next 12 months or do you have a different system? – If it’s the 12 Houses system, it would matter a great deal what card falls in the 4th (Home) and 5th (Children) Houses.

      • Sorry and i think that the sex of babys could be split one boy one girl. I have been having dreams about this and this is what i seen lol

        • You still haven’t told me if this is the 12 Houses Zodiac spread or not! It’s only meaningful in that sense if you worked that particular spread. I get the feeling you just laid the cards out month by month… Is that right?

        • No need to apologise. Less confusion now. Were there any reversals or do you not work with reversals? I would have to say that the Death and 3 of Swords so close together toward the end of the year to me would indicate that you will not have children by the end of it. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you – it’s your reading and I’m not knocking your interpretation. Hospitalisation for recovery after a difficult start would be the 4 and not the 3 of Swords in my book.

  7. Hi not sure if you can help but I asked the tarot weather I was pregnant or sick in some way, I picked one card initially and it was the fool reversed. I then picked two more for clarification and got the 5 of wands and the tower reversed. Any idea what this is telling me? Thank you

    • I’d wait for the pregnancy test – the cards are not ideal for this type of usage, I find. The Tower reversed is traditionally a sign of impotence in a male though and could also signify male infertility, so if you turn out to not be pregnant, perhaps it would be worth at looking at the sperm count.

  8. I recently got a reading with.the strength card and the wheel of fortune what does that mean.usually pregnancy wise id like to know if my husband and could potentialy gey pregnany soon like with in a year and if the combination of those cards are good

  9. Hi Lisa,
    Was wondering if you could please help/ My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a while and the Ace of Cups keeps showing up in every reading whether it is a month to month spread (1st card) or the horseshoe spread. It even falls out of the pack when I’m shuffling and if I split the deck it has been the top card. Does this have any relevance to a conception and birth at all? Many thanks in advance.

  10. Thank you to all for sharing your tarot readings. I know this forum is specific to being pregnant, but I searched the empress and the death card reversed as they were jumping cards as I shuffled regarding my relationship. I was asking the cards about where my boyfriend was after a disagreement we had today…..both of us have children and I had my tubes tied over 15 yrs ago (I’m 48, he’s 50) he can still father a child…I’m very curious on what your feelings are on my jumping cards. These cards were after I did a relationship spread.
    In my 10 card layout I had majority of wands 4/10, with other Major cards. 2nd card Recent Past= The Emporer reversed, Present = The Fool upright, 6th card Quandrants Attitude= The Moon reversed, 10th card Final Result=Wheel of Fortune. Thank you !

      • Hi Lisa, thx for responding! I used the Celtic cross. The cards came in the following order:
        1) 4 of cups
        2) the magician
        3) 3of swords (reversed)
        4) king of swords
        5) the star
        6) the lovers
        7) 10 of pentacles
        8) 6 of cups
        9) ace of wands
        10) judgement

        I did this spread for my brother. His ex girlfriend called him saying that she lied about an abortion she said she got 5 months ago. He wants to know if that’s true. He doesn’t know whether he should believe she’s pregnant or not.

  11. Hi Lisa , firstly I’d like to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading your page. Thank you! I sometimes find it hard interpreting the cards or linking the Story together.
    I asked If it was my calling to give birth to another child. (three card layout)
    1. 10 of cups- my interpretation of this is a stable happy family where children are welcomed
    2. Temperance- my interpretation- patience and perseverance
    3. 9 of pentacles- my interpretation – a confident, successful woman

    This is where I get stuck??
    Thank you Melissa

    • Temperance here is not about patience and perseverance but about balancing family life (10 of Cups) with your work (9 of Pentacles)… Since the final card is work-related rather than a card of pregnancy, the advice I would take is that it would be better to not get pregnant again in terms of having enough energy for everything in your life. Please read up on the Temperance card – it’s one of the main healing cards… a card of soul alchemy… I rarely take it to mean patience as it corresponds to fiery Sagittarius and is titled ‘Art’ in the Thoth Tarot.

  12. Hello,

    Does these card combinations must be together. Today I did 12 month spread and seond round I asked a question. I have a lot of these cards in here. First is the sun, second Ace of cups and third ace of wands. In the 4th (Home) is the empress and 5th (Children) is Queen of swords etc. To I have to read them seperatly or these cards must have together. I am little bit confused these Pregnancy and Fertility Tarot Card Combos.

    Thank you if you have time to give me little answer,

    • It sounds like you mean the 12 Houses rather than the 12 month spread? The first four cards show you preparing for pregnancy… It’s clearly what you desire more than anything. However, the barren Queen of Swords in the House of Children (Leo energies) is not a good sign.

      • Thank you Lisa,

        I dont think that I am barren Queen of swords, because in 8th is cups of 10, 9th is Page of cups and 11th is the Emperor. I think my beginning of next 12 month maybe is not good start, but in the end everything is ok.

        • While I would agree that the 10 of Cups in the 8th House is a good sign, I don’t feel the other two have anything to do with pregnancy and/or childbirth. The 9th House is the house of Sagittarian energies (travel, higher education, philosophy etc) – if anything this could signify an interest in esoteric studies. The Emperor in the House of groups, friendships and humanitarian work has nothing to do with pregnancy either.

          I guess we will have to wait and see. I wish you all the best!

  13. I am having trouble getting any answer on if I would ever conceive again. While asking if I would be able to become pregnant again, I do not get any cards that relates to the ones you have listed. Is this a sign that I wont ever get pregnant again? This is an important question for me and it will determine a fate I will have to persue but I have been putting it off for the sake of hope!! Please help me, maybe I am not reading the cards correctly.

  14. Hello, im new to working on tarot readings,well I did the celtic cross,what came up for me are empress,the sun,strength,ace of pentacls,i was wondering if this means a pregnancy/or twins?

  15. And I also forgot to also mention that lovers also came up,i did the mystic faerie deck any help would be appericated thank you!!!

  16. Hi Lisa, I did a reading about starting my my new job, but my wish for a pregnancy showed up in the cards. Tell me if you agree. The 9 of pentacles is a small concern. I’m ready for whatever this year :)

    I drew king of pentacles, 3 cups, 5 swords, queen pentacles, empress, ace cups, 9 swords, world

      • Yes, I meant 9 of swords. Sorry about that. The 9 of swords through me off…. Thinking trouble with the pregnancy…. Or other issue.

        • Yes, some kind of trouble definitely since the 5 of Swords is present too… but hard to say without seeing the whole spread. Also, I’d suggest thinking about how these cards actually could apply to the work situation you asked about too.

          • Yes, since I’m starting a new job, I definitely won’t have maternity leave. So probably some worry regarding not having my position guaranteed and issue with a female administrator is coming to mind. Maybe pregnancy will be ok, but issue with work surrounding it. Thanks. I really appreciate your feedback.

  17. Hi,
    I love this site and this post in particular! I do not have much experience in Tarot, but got a beautiful pack for Christmas and I adore it! I just shuffle it a lot lol.
    I thought I’d give a ‘will we have children’ spread a go. We are TTC and Dr reports show us both to be very healthy and above average results.
    I found this one, it’s called the House of Fertility Spread:

    1. Emotional/psychological aspects for the mother
    2. Physical/health aspects for the mother
    3. Emotional/psychological aspects for the father
    4. Physical/health aspects for the father
    5. Will of the unborn child
    6. Likely outcome for a foreseeable future, a time frame of 12mths

    1. 3 of swords
    2. the empress
    3. 5 cups
    4. Queen of swords reversed
    5. 6 pentacles
    6. 5 pentacles

    From what I understand, the Empress is saying great things about fertility and the reversed Queen of swords would be the opposite of being barron. So our physical aspects of being able to have children are there but the 6 of pentacles and 5 of pentacles aren’t so positive? The 5 of pentacles showing a bit of a dismal future, with a positive future after the dismal times ahead. So maybe all in all it is saying that we are going to be trying for some time yet…?

    • Angelique, Thanks for sharing this spread – it’s not one I’ve come across before and I see how it could be quite useful. I don’t read with reversals any longer but when I did, I never read them as the opposite of the upright meaning (if you read up on it, I think you’ll find that most Tarotists don’t). Thus the reversed Queen of Swords does not represent the opposite of barrenness – I actually see it as your partner being under some kind of stress which is affecting his ‘delivery’ as it were… I think the message here is to look at how you can help each other feel supported (5 of Pentacles) during the period of trying to conceive.

      I have googled this spread to try to find out who created it but I haven’t come across the source. Do you know who it is? I would like to post a sample reading with this spread, using the Tarot and additional Lenormand cards which could shed light on environmental factors and elaborate further on the possibility of conceiving within the next 12 months (I don’t believe looking further into the future than that).

      As I no longer do free spread interpretations on this site, I want everyone who is reading this to know that I made an exception as this is a form of energy exchange.

      Also, please note that I do not read on pregnancy (or death) as one of my professional reading services for ethical reasons. Having done so in the past, I did find it entirely possible and my readings were accurate. However, accuracy alone is not enough to warrant an ethical green light in these matters. I consider pregnancy questions an area best handled by medical professionals.

      The spreads and card combinations posted on this site are for entertainment purposes only. Any real concerns should always be handled by your doctor.

  18. I am very new to learning tarot… i am wanting to read my own cards about if i will have another pregnancy… funny question do i pic out those cards u mentioned and see what combo i get or do i use the whole deck

      • I recently tried to read my own cards trying the celtic cross…concerning if i was likely to become pregnant in the next 12 months…
        1. Ace of swords
        2. Five of cups
        3. Three of pentacles
        4. The magician
        5. The empress
        6. Three of cups
        7. Five of wands
        8. The chariot
        9. Ace of cups
        10. Strength
        Btw i am only a beginner i have no idea to how accurate my very vivid interpretation of this reading is… but can you tell me if i am some what on the right interpretation? ?
        I read this as…the beginning of a dream that i feel i may regret but i still havent decided on a path because of battles i am currently fighting with my partner over but there is a posabilty of the birth of another child that i would have to be strong for…. am i getting anywhere close to understanding??

  19. Hi Lisa,
    My husband and me are doing an Ivf cycle this month and will be doin the pregnancy test next week. We have been tryin since 2 years for a baby now and have started on the Ivf route a year ago. Have had 2 unsuccessful attempts and now this is the third one. My question I asked was – am I pregnant ? I did a 3 card spread. Got the sun, strength and king of swords. What do you think this means? Also I keep getting the king of swords card?? Am very curious what this card would mean?
    Your insight would be much appreciated :)

    • Hi Deepti, Swords cards are never good in pregnancy and fertility readings. Continued medical help may be necessary but with the other two cards being so sunny, I feel that issue is more to do with timing than any irreversible medical issues/problems. In other words, baby will arrive when baby is good and ready! Feel free to share your results after the pregnancy test as it may be helpful to others.

  20. Hi Lisa,

    I did a 3 card reading regarding a future pregnancy. My question was “What is my potential for getting pregnant over the next 6 months?”

    The answer was- Past: The Empress, Present: Knight of Swords and Future: Strength

    My husband and I just recently had a child and he’s been wanting to have another. So we agreed to try for a 6 month period, the thing is I’m not ready for another child, and its sure not the right time either. I’m not taking any birth control at this time and my period is more than late. I did a pregnancy test a week ago and its still negative, I’m crossing my fingers there’s no pregnancy. At least not for a while. I will much appreciate if you can help me interpret this draw.

    Thank you ;)

    • Knight of Swords is a could indication that you didn’t fall pregnant at the time and that your period was late due to stress. Sorry for the very late reply and curious to find out if you did fall pregnant later on which Strength would indicate you might have.

  21. I have been having symptoms of pregnancy but not sure yet having taken a test yet but did a 3 card spread since my question is direct. Am I pregnant?

    First card – Strength card
    Second card – Page of cups which might indicate pregnancy especially following the strength card.
    Third card – 4 of pentacles which I can’t tell if it good or bad. Really I wouldn’t think this had anything to do with pregnancy but maybe the guy I have been dating. This personality when it comes to money. Not sure how this last card might tie into the other two.

  22. Hi Lisa-
    I was hoping to get your perspective on a couple cards I drew while doing the “13 Card Pregnancy Tarot” spread I found on your site.
    The 12th and 13th cards left me curious.
    12th: XII The Hanged Man
    13th: VI The Lovers
    Is this saying that I am going to have a long labor and/or possibly late birth… with twins??
    Thank you for your time and the work that you do.

  23. Hi Lisa. I recently did a three card spread in reference to my health. I can’t seem to lose weight no matter how I eat or exercise. I have been wondering if it would be insane to have another baby since I am 47 years old, but I admit it is a secret wish…like last chance kind of thing. However that wasn’t the question. It was just how is my health, thinking maybe I had a thyroid problem or something. I got Ace of Wands, Ace of cups, and Empress. Can you clarify what this means. I saw pregnancy, but really have no clue. I feel stupid for even admitting this.

  24. Hi Lisa!
    I need to wait for next week before I can use a pregnancy test but I could not help drawing some cards: Am I pregnant?
    3 cards, no positions. Universal tarot, no rv: 2 of Swords *8 of Swords *4 of pents.
    At 1st glance, It does not seem to be a yes but I thought that the 2 of Swords could mean my uncertainty, then 8 of Swords can indicate feeling trapped in my own body and the 4 of pents indicates weight gain.
    I drew a 4th card to clarify and get the Sun!

    But I was not satisfied with this reading so a week later, I used my Lo Scarabeo deck asking the same:
    Knight of cups * 6 of wands *queen of wands
    Again, nothing indicating a pregnancy for sure but the knight of cups can represent the father, 6 of wands the”victory” of getting pregnant and the queen of wands can be among all the Queens a representation of a mother.
    What do you think?

    Many thanks .

  25. Greetings ms lisa,

    Today I did a typical layout. .. being that im a novice, my intentions are just to build my intuition .. while i had no motives today i started out with a 4 card layout.. now, I didn’t ask cards anything specific. The cards that showed up for me was the Knight of pentacles, 7 swords, High priestess and the sun.. I studied the cards individually and decided to look online as well. I noticed the sun can have a literal meaning for child(children) which intrigued me so i decided to reshuffle and ask cards am i pregnant. Now that i think about it ; it may have been better to ask “will i soon be pregnant” before i move on… how would you interpret the 5 cars above t? What does it mean? Im still a not so sure. I would greatly appreciate your response

    anywho, I then drew five cards going left to right. Me being a novice , I started out with the intentions of drawing 3 but my intuition had me draw 5. The cards I received were (left to right) The moon, hanged man (upside down) , strength, the empress and the emporer. May you interpret these to the best of your knowledge? I just found your site today while surfing for meanings and i quite thankful for you and your generous help. Blessings. Looking forward to your response .


    • I apologize I meant how would you interpret the 4 cards above which are the Knight of pentacles,7 of swords , High priestess and the sun(left to right)

        • Okay, well down in my second paragraph in my previous comment I mentioned I asked the cards “am i pregnant” and i pulled five cards , just left to right. I pulled (left to right) the moon, the hanged man upside down, strength, the empress and the emporer. .would this be a yes or no to my answer?

          The cards were in order from left to right.
          ex: 1 2 3 4 5

  26. Lisa, Today I did a four spread going left right top and bottom. I asked the cards am I pregnant and for my first card (left) I got the moon, 2nd card (right) I got the wheel of fortune, the 3rd card (top ) I got the hierophant and for my 4th card (bottom) I got the star. What does this mean?

  27. Hi there ,
    Your site is so informative , I was wondering as a question related to future conception/. Pregnancy the sun was in ” what’s about to come into your life”

    Next to the sun ” the out come” the world was a good sign?

    The other cards where dominated by penticals king and queen and the ace of wands .. The ace of wands but I was so focused on the sun and world I can’t remember .

    Many thanks

  28. I stumbled across this site while doing further research into tarot. The reason I clicked on the link was due to my desire to end a burning question of which tarot cards tell of pregnancy!
    I was told a year ago, by two separate psychics, that I would conceive at the end of June or beginning of August. Having been sick around the 5th so my BC pill didn’t get absorbed and severe pregnancy symptoms for the past two weeks, I decided to consult the cards.
    Because it’s too early for a home pregnancy test (plus I have ovarian syndrome which makes home tests inconclusive) and I won’t hear back from the blood work for another week or so, I am going bananas!
    After reading your blog, I am rather interested in what you might think regarding this layout:

    1) Seven of Wands
    2) Four of Wands
    3) Pages of cups (inverted)
    4) Death (inverted)
    5) Page of Swords
    6) The Moon (inverted)
    7) Nine of cups (inverted)
    8) The Sun
    9) Five of Cups
    10) Justice

    And because the cards were imploring me, I pulled another and it was The Empress. I used the Celtic Cross Spread. Another card that keeps popping up is The Lovers! Any insight into this would be welcomed. Thank you :)

  29. Hi there ,
    I was just wondering what your opinion was regarding these two cards combined , the sun as position what’s coming into ones life and the world as outcome position regarding pregnancy ?

    Kind regards


  30. Hello Lisa, I’m new to Tarot card reading… I did a 13 card spread asking it about pregnancy… Just wondering what does these cards mean??

    [1.] Four of Cups
    [2.] Three of Wands
    [3.] Two of Pentacles
    [4.] Judgement
    [5.] The Wheel of Fortune
    [6.] The Empress
    [7.] Eight of Pentacles
    [8.] Four of Wands
    [9.] The Chariot
    [10.] Five of Wands
    [11.] Six of Swords
    [12.] Ace of Wands
    [13.] The Lovers

    • Sorry, I don’t have time to interpret whole spreads. If you have no clue of the meanings yourself, I suggest starting with learning the card meanings properly and building your confidence by starting with smaller spreads. This is quite an advanced spread!

  31. Hi Lisa,

    I have this strange pressure in my right ovary. I went to the doctor and got an ultrasound but the technician didn’t see anything abnormal. I have some symptoms of pregnancy too (nausea, tender breast, weight gain) but just had a period. I did a three card spread to see if I could gain some insight into what is really happening with my body but I’m at a loss.

    1. Ten of Pentacles
    2. The Chariot
    3. Three of Pentacles.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


    • Karina, it could be a slight hormonal imbalance (and with the presence of a Virgo energy card, I wouldn’t rule out food intolerance) – other than that, I can’t really say… that’s for your doc to diagnose.

        • Hi, Lisa. I’m not sure if you mind all of these questions. Hopefully, not. I did a three card spread today concerning a pregnancy test that I will be taking in a few days. I used the Thoth deck. The cards I pulled were; Ace of cups, 9 of cups, and 8 of wands. I really have a hard time reading my own cards because I feel I tend to project my own wants and desires and mix up what’s actually there. I pulled one more card for clarification and it was 6 of wands which in Thoth is Victory. How am I to interpret this? It sounds positive to me, but I don’t know. I was hoping to be pregnant.

  32. I understand. Thanks for the confirmation, though. I’ll be taking a pregnancy test in a few days. I’ll give you the update.

  33. Hi, Lisa. As a novice to Tarot, I am a novice to Tarot and your site has been quite helpful for me. I was reading through the comments to see if someone had already asked this question, but it doesn’t looks as they have, so I’ll ask.

    Have you ever known the 5 of cups to indicate a miscarriage? I am newly pregnant and in several readings I’ve done for myself, the reading will begin with a pregnancy card (i.e. Empress, Sun, Ace of Pentacles, etc.) and always end with the 5 of cups in the future position. I’ve had others do readings for me online – people I’ve never even met – and without telling them my direct question, they get the same result – 5 of cups in the near future.

    I used the yes/no system on here for clarification (Aces vs 10s for 22-card pull), and, without fail, an Ace always falls when I ask if I’ll miscarry or if that is the message of the 5 of cups. I’m pretty sad about it but I figure at least I can prepare.

    In addition to the 5 of cups question, I wanted to know, in general, if my Tarot cards are reflecting the energy I’m emitting (because I’m now obsessed and believe this will happen now…waiting on it, actually, now the cards will continue to show me that), or if they are showing me the ‘truth’ so I might proceed accordingly. Getting your insight into this would be helpful not just for me to come to terms with these readings but to also keep in mind in the future for when I am reading for others, especially if I’m asking the same question over and over again.

    Thanks for your time.


    • Hi Kindel, I don’t think it’s good for you to keep reading on this over and over again. Trust your medical practitioner’s advice on this instead. If you keep asking the same question over and over, the cards will invariably give misinformation, so there is really no way I can comment since you admit to having done just that. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy and do talk to your doctor or midwife about any concerns you have. It’s their job to put your mind at ease.

      • I agree with you, Lisa. Honestly, I think I will need to retire my deck for a while, at least until I am over this ‘phase’ and my mind settles. Thank you for your feedback:)

        I am still interested in knowing, though, not just on my question but for any situation, actually, is it possible for the Tarot to only reflect what a person is feeling (especially if their energy is obsessive) or if the Tarot shows objectively what will probably unfold for the querent based on what is already happening at the time of reading?

        For example, if there is a person who fears she will never get in a loving relationship, and her belief about that is nearly solid, could an entire reading be so muddled by her energy, it just reflects back to her, in its totality, what she already believes (that she’ll never fall in love), or would it reflect her mindset as an obstacle in addition to how she can overcome it? The latter reading offers objective guidance, despite the obsessive energy of the querent, while the former only reflects the querent’s energy…

        I hope that makes sense:-/

        • Yes, because the future is not set in stone. What you think today is what you live tomorrow… the cards reflect where you’re at now and the future is a trajectory based on past and present thoughts and experiences. Change your thoughts, change your future. Equally, change your thoughts and these changes will be reflected in the cards if they have reach a point of stability.

  34. I got king of pentacles, ace of cups and the fool, I think this is a yes for me, I had a 3 month time frame in mind, but is there a better spread I can use other than 3 cards?

  35. Hi Lisa,

    I asked if I was having twins and Five of Wands, The Emperor, and Knight of Cups came out. Is that a yes or no?
    Thank you <3

  36. Hi Lisa,

    I did a celtic cross reading and this what I got.

    1. 9 of swords
    2. Stregth
    3. Ten of wand
    4. Ace of wands
    5. Knight of swords
    6. The lovers
    7. King of wands
    8. The empress
    9. Two of wands
    10. The sun

    I ask the questions regarding if I will become pregnant and this is what I got. What do you think does it look positive? 😉

    • What time frame did you set for this reading? Did you ask if you ‘ever’ will become pregnant? The Sun as the outcome is obviously a good sign but there are lots of influences speaking for a need to make sure there is less stress in your life in order to conceive.

        • It is really hard to say for definite, mainly because of the central two cards of the cross. I think the cards indicate outside help to improve your female health and stress levels rather than an actual pregnancy… but do report back in and let us know!

    • This is the only card you pulled… it was upright… then yes, it might be a possibility… but I find it really difficult to comment on a reading I wasn’t present at. I don’t know if you have asked the question of the cards umpteen times before and what the energy in/around you was at the time of asking.

      • Thank you Lisa for responding :) It was my the first time I asked a question, It wasn’t a deck that belonged to me. It was someone else’s and I was just testing it out since i’m new to this. I was just calm as can be and didn’t have a yes or no expectation, just tried to be receptive of whatever the answer was. Yes it was upright :)

  37. Hi Lisa! First, thank you for this page! I don’t know if you still reply to questions but here I go:

    First, I must say that I’m very new to tarot. Before I ovulated this month, I asked if this would be my month I did it twice in a row:

    First: Death reversed, ace of pentacle, queen of cup
    Second: The tower, ace of cup, queen of pentacle (all up)

    I saw this as a positive indication, however, it might indicate that some changes might be required in order for me to become pregnant… maybe?

    So, yesterday, I asked if I was pregnant (I ovulated 9 days ago) and got this:

    two of cup, ace of wand and three of sword, all facing up…

    Is this good or bad? Does the three of sword means loss? I had two chemical pregnancies already so I’m thinking I could be having another.

    • The 3 of Swords invariably means ‘not what you hoped for’… sorry! The first draw was the correct one… never second-guess and do another draw soon after the original draw! Death is a ‘no’.

  38. Hi Lisa, maybe you could help me to interpret my spread a little better, I did a yes/no.

    1.Two of swords
    2.Ten of pentacles
    3. Ace of wands
    4. Page of cups
    5. Six of cups
    6. The tower
    7. The sun
    8. Knight of swords
    9. Seven of wands
    10. Queen of cups

    Thank You

    • Please read through the posting instructions again carefully. I do not have time to interpret whole spreads. I’m not sure what method you used for answering a yes/no question with 10 cards. I can only help with a specific question about one or two cards. You say ‘help me to interpret my spread a little better…’ yet do not provide your interpretation…?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, feedback and questions. Please note that, while I'm happy to answer questions about individual cards, I don't interpret spreads. I get several requests every day about interpreting DIY readings based on my spreads. Even if I had the time, I don’t think it would be a wise investment of my time to ‘read on readings’ – A reading is done in synergy between the cards, the question and the reader… in the MOMENT.

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