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Judgement in Love

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Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Lösche

Massive life changing events and choices are heralded by the Judgement card – stuff that most definitely impacts the relationship. The Angel depicted in the RWS Judgment card is Archangel Gabriel, the angel of the Annunciation.

As an outside force, it could be any major event that makes one of you have to make a difficult choice – one that will change your lives and the relationship forever.

If the Judgement card describes an inner process, it either relates to dealing with Karmic issues or a process of aligning with your life purpose.

If the Judgement card describes personality traits in a lover, it could mean that he or she has great persuasive powers and that having a sense of purpose is extremely important to him or her.  This person often functions as a catalyst for change and awakening in others.

It could also mean that they are facing some life-changing choices… choices that will put the past firmly behind them. This could work in your favour as it might give them a better perspective on life in general and on the relationship in particular.

One thing is for certain – things will not remain the same for the two of you. If you are unable to roll with the punches, it could mean the end of the relationship. Surrounding cards will tell more. Judgement and Death, or Judgement and the 10 of Swords are usually tell tale signs of a relationship coming to an end. Rest assured that it is for the best – you are simply not compatible any more as one of you has outgrown the relationship.

The combination of the Fire element and the corresponding planet for Judgement, Pluto, is a potent mix in terms of passion and sexuality. If this card describes your intimate connection, you can count on sex to be both hot and highly transformational.

To a single person, if this card is about an upcoming relationship, it could well mean that it will be a relationship with someone from a past life with whom you have a soul contract. This is especially true together with the 6 of Cups.


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  1. Hey Lisa…..another interesting post……I love looking at the card, then reading your description and then looking at the card again………really cool……….I have lots of types of tarot cards and love picking a card out each day to receive a message :)……

  2. Thank you, Lena! I’ve seen it come up in a reading where the guy wasn’t decided yet about taking on the role of an unborn baby that wasn’t his (he left). That’s the sort of scale of choices we’re talking about here. xxx

  3. Just reading the comments and discovered you were the light behind my other favorite tarot site tarotize – love your work

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