Midsummer Flower Divination for a Future Lover

wildflower pic

It’s the summer solstice today, a.k.a Midsummer, a.k.a Litha (pagan) – a.k.a the longest day of the year.  Midsummer night is a night of magic… and especially workings for love & romance.

Being Swedish and having a blog about a love and romance, I really do need let you all know about a lovely Swedish Midsummer tradition involving divination with flowers. It’s something I learned as a child and as far as I know the tradition is still going strong in my homeland.

Here is how Swedish girls have done it for hundreds (if not thousands) of years:

Late at night, gather seven different types of flowers at a crossroads. This divination will only work if you gather the flowers in complete silence and do not utter a word until you wake up next morning.

The dreams you have that night will show you your future.

If you manage to find 7 different types of flowers that are all healthy and in full bloom, you may even catch a glimpse of your future beloved in your dreams!

Midsummer Blessings,




  1. Meiga

    In Galicia (Spain) have a beach called “La Lanzada”, where they will swim that night the women who have difficulty becoming pregnant.