Relationship Healing Spread

Flowers for The Beloved Tarot Spread

flowers for the beloved tarot spread

This Tarot spread is one you can use to look at different ways of giving more in the relationship. So much relationship advice out there is about making sure you get what you need. We live in a society that bombards us with commercial ‘me-me-me!‘ messages… “Because you’re worth it!”

It’s no wonder that many relationships soon run on empty when everybody’s in it for what they can get.

Here’s the remedy:

tarot spread pic

1. What your beloved needs/wants right now
2. What you are already doing giving that is helpful to your beloved
3. Something you could start doing or do more of to brighten up the life of your beloved
4. Something that you need to start doing less of or stop doing  because it’s harming your relationship in some way
 5. Delight and surprise your beloved by doing this (this weekend, next anniversary, or no other reason to show your love and appreciation)


tarot reading pic

Gilded Tarot Royale –

1. 4 of Pentacles. Your beloved needs to focus on financial security and stability right now. Could indicate being shut down emotionally due to stress or fear of intimacy
2. The Tower. Massive, sudden changes in your life are of benefit to your beloved as they are making it possible to start building for a future together on a firm foundation
3. Knight of Cups. Display your devotion and affection in any number of ways. He may not show it but it means a lot to him
4. 3 of Cups. Too much focus on having ‘a good time’ could distract him from what needs to be doing right now
5. 6 of Pentacles. Generous gift-giving of the material kind will make him feel treasured

~ Lisa


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