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The Tarot Sun in Love

The mists of The Moon drift off to show us clear blue skies and a Sun joyfully beaming down on us.

To grasp the energy of this card, you just have to step out into the sun on mild summer’s morning.

It’s full of promise, happiness, vitality, playfulness, confidence and faith that everything will turn out all right.

So what blessings does the Sun bestow on your relationship? A multitude – that’s for sure! However, just like the sun creates shadows, we cannot fully expect to escape shadows eve when the skies are clear.

If The Sun describes the quality of your relationship, you can now relax into just enjoying each other. Yay!! This is especially true if The Sun shows up next to The Lovers or the 2 of Cups… and if you throw the 6 of Cups in the mix, you’re in a happy soul mate relationship – double yay!!

So how could this lovely, shiny, happy card possibly throw a shadow on the relationship? Because the Sun is associated with the ego/personality, it can show a relationship that’s gone down the path of personal power struggles when reversed or next to cards like the reversed 2 of Cups, The Devil, 5, 7 or 10 of Swords.

Reversed and next to cards associated with work or career matters, it can be a sign of stress and lowered immunity brought on by stress, which in turn can impact the relationship in a negative way.

If The Sun describes your lover, he or she is likely to be extremely confident and charismatic. Sun card type people also usually have the childlike gift of being able to be fully present in the now. They simply enjoy life too much to agonise over the past or worry about the future!

If The Sun signifies a single person, it’s usually a good sign that he or she won’t be single for very long. This kind of charisma and natural happiness is very attractive to potential suitors. Check out the Single and Happy Spread if you would like to find out how to cultivate some solar mojo for yourself.

Sexually, The Sun card is the ability to fully enjoy all levels and permutations of intimacy by virtue of feeling completely comfortable and at ease in one’s own skin. Sex on the beach (not the drink) might be indicated… or anywhere else outdoors where the sun might shine where it doesn’t usually… :D

If you’re going through a rough patch with your beloved and The Sun comes up as the advice card, it’s an indication that you would be better off if you lighten up a bit and stop taking yourself so seriously. Try to have fun together and make sure to have fun when you’re on your own too – otherwise you won’t be bringing any positivity into the relationship.

‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ is a Sun card type song, so I’m sharing it here! Enjoy!


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  1. I love sunshine, it’s sunny outside right now, and so it feels like a wonderful time to learn more about this card! I work a lot with oracle cards but not tarot very much. This is very helpful and interesting, and I’ll be exploring your site to learn more – thank you!

  2. I was so glad to see you choose Thoth Sun for illustration – my all time favorite! And what a great insight:” If The Sun signifies a single person, it’s usually a good sign that he or she won’t be single for very long.” Thank you for sharing!

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