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The Tarot Moon in Love

The Moon is, together with the Neptunian Hanged Man, the most nebulous Major Arcana card. It deals with everything we’d rather shove into the dusty and cobwebbed storage facilities of our subconscious.

The problem with all the stuff we refuse to process in the light of our conscious mind is that it tends to creep up on us in the form of anxiety. This is the reason why one of the keywords for The Moon is ‘fear.’

Astrologically, The Moon corresponds to the Zodiac sign of Pisces and the 12th House. The Piscean and 12th House energies are all about dreams, intuition, compassion, sacrifice, escapism, addiction, senstivity, imagination and idealism.

So how does The Moon reflect (pun intended) on a relationship?

If it describes the quality of your relationship, it means that you are likely to project a lot onto your partner. One or both of you are not wanting to own your shit and therefore assign unsavoury characteristics, traits or habits to your partner instead.

For instance, together with The Tower or the reversed Chariot, The Moon is a strong indication of passive aggression and projecting one’s own anger onto the other. This could be the person who says that anger is ‘alien’ to them. (Anger is not alien to anyone… unless you actually are an alien.)

When The Moon characterises a Lover, it is someone highly imaginative but perhaps a bit out of touch with reality – ‘head in the clouds’ type person. Or it could be someone with addiction issues. Look for reversed court cards next to The Moon for this.

If The Moon shows up together with one of the ‘falling in love cards’ such as The Lovers, the Knight of Cups or the 2 of Cups, it can indicate a need to be wary of those perfectly rose-tinted glasses. Are things really what they seem? Perhaps you should check what that slightly paler bit of skin on his left ring finger means before you jump in the sack with him.

To a single person, The Moon could also be a call for a much needed reality check. It could signify someone who is too easily lead and puts out on the first date. And yes, this goes for both sexes!

Sexually, The Moon is card which describes our longing to completely merge with our beloved – not just physically but on a deep soul level. Does his kiss make you feel drunk? Congratulations, you have entered the Magic Lunar Love Sphere! Do you feel as if you’re travelling at the speed of light to unknown galaxies when you gaze into his eyes? It’s that Moon Beam again!

A love affair that happens under the auspice of The Moon can be scary. You may feel completely out of control. One or both of you may feel as if you’re losing your sense of self. Just being aware of this helps. Once you realise what has happened, you can remind yourself of your boundaries. When The Moon is a main player, it is extra important to keep doing the things you did before you met, as well as keep in touch with your old friends. Stay grounded and keep it real!


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  1. I love your analysis of the Moon! I always have problems trying to decipher this card because it’s just such a tough card to read. And people always associate negativity with the Moon.

    I am learning so much from this blog! x

  2. Hey Lisa hope you are doing good.. Beautiful write up was just curious as you hasn’t mentioned ace of cups with moon.. As have read one of ur post moon is karmic card.
    So what it’s like with moon and ace of cups..

    • Yes, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. However, in the Western Mystery tradition, the card corresponding with the Moon is the High Priestess and the Chariot is the corresponding card for Cancer. The Golden Dawn tradition, which is the one I am versed in, has Pisces for The Moon card. Feel free to make your own associations but I still think it is worth the time of any serious student of the Tarot to stody the traditional correspondences as there is a whole system which includes the Minors as well. When you know the astrological correspondences by heart, your readings take on another dimension. Check this out for the Majors…

    • If it is the other person’s feelings, it probably means they are attracted to you but also confused and not sure about who you really are… the Moon concerns hidden things… they may even feel a bit afraid/intimidated by you

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