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Dating the Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands from the Hoi Polloi Tarot

Although the Queen of Wands can be a total sex kitten, it’s more apt to think of her as a lioness most of the time. This Fire sign lady (usually Leo or Aries) is not a good match for the faint of heart.

A natural born leader, she is more likely to do the opposite of what she is told. You’re meant to follow her, get it? She doesn’t consciously try to overpower others but her natural charm and charisma makes her exude power from every pore.

However if you have come across the Shadow variety, you may have a female narcissist on your ands and will probably find B*tch Please (reversed Queens) a more useful read. ;)

Pros: She has the ability to make you forget about your mundane troubles and want to start reaching for the dreams and possibilities instead.

She is warm and charming.

Her libido is very healthy as she has well integrated masculine energy.

She likes to manage stuff and can often be found running her own business.

Celebrations are on the menu pretty much weekly. This Queen is all about celebrating life in general and success in particular.

When you walk into a room with this Queen on your arm, you can count on heads turning. She loves a grand entrance with lots and lots of (jealous) attention.

Cons: Details are not her cup of tea. She’ll have the vision and the great ideas but she’ll often try to pawn off the actual work on somebody else.

She does have a bit of a short fuse as well as a penchant for drama. She literally is the ‘drama queen’ of the pack.

She has a natural and usually benevolent self-centred nature which makes her very good… sometimes too good at looking out for number one.

She can be very blunt about your shortcomings if you get on her wrong side. In this area, the Queen of Swords still has one up on her though.

If she’s got it, she will flaunt it and attracting male attention is her life blood so it helps if you’re not the jealous type.

Type of date she prefers: Anywhere glamorous and fabulous, darling. If you can impress her by name dropping, by all means go for it. Please don’t take her somewhere where she can’t wear heels!

She may not be fastidious or particularly house proud herself but she likes things to sparkle.

‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ as performed by Marilyn Monroe is very Queen of Wands.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe – Leo Rising

How to seduce the Queen of Wands: Does it sparkle? Bring it. Wine and dine her. Don’t be afraid to spread it on thick. She knows she’s worth it.

Her best match: The King of Swords, because a) he has a brilliant (sparkly) mind and is often well connected with higher ups, and b) he’s the least likely to blow up in a jealous temper tantrum.

Her worst match: The Knight of Pentacles as a) he’s very possessive and b) simply not ‘sparkly’ or quick enough.


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