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Venus Retrograde, The Transit & Relationships

Planet Venus


If you have been reading the Astrology forecasts for the Venus transit, you may be feeling a bit confused right now. There is talk of emerging divine feminine energy balancing the male energy which was purified during the latest eclipse of the sun.

There are whispers and rumours about preparing for Ascension in December… all very mystical and difficult to translate to practical day-to-day living for most of us (yes, that includes me!).

On a practical and scientific level it means that Venus (from earth’s perspective) will be crossing the surface of the sun between the 5-6 of June. This only happens every 100-120 years when we get two transits together, 8 years apart.

But the science and the mysticism of it all is probably not why you’re here. You want to know what this transit is going to mean to your relationship and how you can best harness the energy and magick of it all, right?

This Venus transit is retrograde in the sign of versatile, playful, witty and flitty Gemini. The energy is not to be grasped or clung to. Allow it to seep in through your skin next time you spend some time in the Sun and know that there is very little you have to do. Illumination of your mind and heart will happen whatever you do.

No, you don’t need to spend hours chanting, calling on Dolphin Masters or meditating on the 17 higher chakras. No matter what you do, you will experience an injection of higher consciousness and this will lead to changes in your relating.

Now for the juicy part. The Tarot can help you see what those changes are likely to be.

Shuffle your deck and go through the cards until you get to the Death card – a symbol for change and transformation. The card on the left of the Death card is something you will be leaving behind and the card on the right is what is being birthed into your consciousness in terms of relating.

Click HERE to view a SAMPLE READING.

You can do this together with your partner, either taking turns using the same deck, or doing it simultaneously using two separate decks. Remember to be supportive and to not blame your beloved. Do not drag up the past but make this a celebration in honour of the birth of a more loving way of relating. Focus on the fun and the forward movement!

You don’t have to do anything with this information. Unless you want to… Keep playing with the cards, have a snog or go out for a drink. It’s all sacred if it’s done with love!


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  1. Hi ayu, good question! Being single doesn’t exclude you from relating, so you can use this tarot spread/technique to look at any relationship…. or just relating in general. Venus is ALL about relating! :) Blessings, Lisa

  2. This is no joke – left : The Tower, right : The Sun. I believe somehow the universe is telling me right now is a very important time of my life where I have to learn to make many decisions and let go of — can’t really relate to the Tower on how to let go? But definitely sure that I have to embrace a positive attitude and look towards the future because good things are gonna happen soon for me! (I hope!)

    Thanks Lisa! Love your blog!!!

    • Wow! Awesome – and yes, very important – cards, ayu! If you can’t relate to the Tower for letting go, you need to familiarise yourself with the Tower energies which correspond to Mars. Btw, Mars in Virgo is squaring Venus in Gemini at the minute. Contrasting Mars and the Sun, you have a rather pushy ‘aggressor’ compared to someone who just assertively enjoys and radiates.

  3. Sorry to hog your comment box, but would you be surprised to even know that my Mars is really in Virgo and Venus in Gemini (which you may remember!). I will try to work on what you have mentioned and see if I can actually make sense out of it.

    Right and need to read up more on the Tower. This is getting too much for me to handle at night – in Asia night time now lol.

    Many thanks, as always xx.

  4. I was waiting for a post which would shed some light on how this transit is going to effect our love lives. I got me Ace of Swords to left and Temperance to the Right of the Death card.

    I have read both of your posts on this. I understand the Temperance Card, this is the time when things need to be balanced, outer and inner world and this is what is coming up, but i’m confused about Swords, which I’m leaving behind in my relationships. What does it mean?

    • I’ll throw the question back at you. What is the shadow aspect of the Ace of Swords? This is what you will be releasing… Dive deep into yourself through the card and the answer will come!

  5. This was exactly what I was looking for in the way of boiling down lots of ‘woo woo’ into something I can easily understand, apply and share with others. Now off to play with my tarot deck to see what this Goddess has in store for me. Thanks so much!

  6. i got the queen of wands on the left of the death card then the ace of wands… im useless as reading my own cards tho lol any help would be appreciated ;) xx

    • OK Tricia, here are some clues… look up the meanings for each cards and focus on how they contrast. they are both fire but for the queen, you want to look at her Shadow aspects… they are what you are leaving behind. destructive fire is being replaced by life-giving creative fire…

  7. yes il take a look into this, i thought it strange pulling the queen of wands seeing as im libra queen of swords! the ace new beginings hmm hopeing its something good :) i feel i need some good luck, after some dilemas of late :/

  8. i must say ive been feeling so het up and angry lately so maye i need to leave this behind! my fired up side as its not helping things right now.

  9. 8 of pentacles to the left and hanged man to right. Does it mean professionally some sacrifice / set back is going to come? unable to understand significance of the cards for relationship

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