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10 Magical Ways to Manifest True Love

The Lovers - Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

It’s Friday – Goddess Freya’s Day. Freya is the Goddess of Love in Norse Mythology, and she would be the one to turn to if you wish to manifest new love in your life. In countries around the Mediterranian, Friday is also named after a love Goddess, the Goddess Venus, as seen in the French ‘Vendredi.’

Traditionally, Love Magick is performed on a Friday, and the best time would be on or near a Full Moon.

Here are 10 magickal ways to get your love mojo going:

  1. Clear Out the Skeletons: You won’t be able to manifest new love if you’re still hankering after your ex. Use the Cord Cutting with the Angels and the Devil spell or ask me to help.
  2. Or… Get Your Ex Back: You may not be ready to give up on your ex quite yet. If you still think you may be in with half a chance of getting him/her back, you need to read The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Bad Break-Up and Getting Your Ex Back.
  3. Call in the Angels of Love: Archangel Chamuel (pink) for finding new love, Archangel Raphael (green) for heart healing and Archangel Raguel (light blue) to establish harmony in all relationships. Breathe in the associated colour until it completely fills your aura.
  4. Light a Love Candle: Pink for new romance, Red to bring passion to a relationship, Green for heart healing and Light Blue for relationship harmony. Invoke one of the Goddesses or Angels of Love when lighting the candle.
  5. Cleanse and Charge a Love Crystal: Rose Quartz is ideal as it strengthens the love vibe universally. It is also one of the easiest crystals to get hold of.
  6. Cast a Tarot Love Spell: Here is one and here is another for you to try… :) Don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt the spells to suit you. However, please don’t cast spells to bind a particular person to you – that always backfires!
  7. Take a Magickal Love Bath: Place a piece of rose quartz in the tub, along with some sea salt and a few drops of patchouli. Visualise any blocks to love being drained with the bathwater after you finish your bath and visualise your aura sparkling with pure pink and gold swirling energy.
  8. Buy Yourself Some Pink Roses: Place them in a prominent place and call in the Angels of Love. The angels love pink roses!
  9. Buy Yourself Some Silk Lingerie: Choose colours that reflect your desire.
  10. Learn to Be Happy In Yourself: There is nothing more attractive than genuine joy and self-confidence. Try out this Tarot Spread to help you find your path to true happiness within yourself.


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