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The Tarot Devil in Love

A good question to ask oneself when The Devil shows up in a reading is “Does this situation, thought, person or relationship limit my freedom in any way?”

Sometimes the limiting thought is something that keeps us from engaging in pleasures of the flesh because of guilt programming by society and our parents. There is a Pan-like wild spirit quality to The Devil – a spirit which must be embraced for our vitality levels to stay high. The reversal of The Devil could be a sign of being a prisoner to shame and/or convention.

Numerologically, XV (15) The Devil resonates with the VI (6) of The Lovers (1+5=6). The numbers 1 and 5 are significant in terms of understanding the struggle the ego (1) experiences when the Higher Self strives toward liberation through life’s lessons (5).

Sometimes The Devil can signify counterfeit love. It looks like the real deal but on a gut level you know that something’s not quite right. Always pay attention to the red flags when The Devil shows up! The Devil together with the 2 of Cups reversed should be a huge warning flag if you think ‘this might be it’… It’s most likely not it.

In yesterday’s post on Codependency, Vampirism and The Devil, I cover The Devil’s role in codependent relationships in-depth. When The Devil shows up in relationships that aren’t clinically codependent, chances are you’re holding each other hostage for your happiness, depending on the other person to provide what you lack in yourself or even feeling as if they owe you this.

Liberation and self-sufficiency comes to those who are willing to embrace their own shadow and face their neediness. A totally fabulous book which could help you with this is The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Experiences. The authors, Joe Dunn and Mali Apple, also have a Facebook Page – do check it out!

To the single person, The Devil could mean that you are more interested in having a great sexual experience rather than a soulmate experience. There is no need to place judgement on this as long as it’s safe and consensual. Look for proximity to the Knight of Wands, Ace of Wands or 3 of Cups for confirmation on this.

Next to the 5 or 8 of cups, it could mean that you struggle with moving on from a bad relationship experience. Turn the question to what you can learn from this in order to move on.

Sexually, The Devil can mean total abandon and even orgies. The shadow meaning of the already shady Devil means guilt or shame-driven sexual perversion.


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