Relationship Healing Spread

The Quickie – Relationship Tarot Spread


Are you happy in love? Is everything hunky dory or do you have a question mark that needs straightening out? Perhaps you just want to check and see if you and your lover are in sync?

This mini spread is one you can use any time when you just want a quick overview of the relationship. It shows you the main theme, as well as the individual lessons of each person.

Pulling an additional tarot or oracle card is optional and please feel free to choose any deck you like.

I have chosen to illustrate this spread with cards from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot cards (see a review of this deck HERE) and the Romance Angels Oracle.

Mini Relationship Reading


1. State of the relationship/Central theme: The Star (Archangel Jophiel) – You have every reason to be optimistic about your relationship. It’s finally back on track and you can look to the future with renewed optimism.

2. Your lesson: Queen of Air/Swords – You have managed to detach enough to gain a better perspective of the true dynamics at work. You are now able to laugh at yourself and the old patterns that you have managed to free yourself from.

3. Your partner’s lesson: 8 of Earth/Pentacles – Having the relationship back on track frees up energy for your partner to focus on work again, and to learn necessary new skills as focuses on a new path that will be financially viable.

4. Advice card: Let Your Friends Help You – This could be a reminder to not let go of newly reformed friendship bonds just because your love life is back on track. Thriving friendships help the relationship stay healthy too!


~ Lisa


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