Heart Healing

Soul Mates and the Impossible Search for Perfection

The higher the ideal, the further you have to fall…

In our impossible human search for perfection, the term ‘soul mate’ has come to signify the perfect match in a love relationship.

The truth is that a soul mate is only perfect in the sense that he or she has come to teach you lessons that no one else can teach you. They can do this thanks to knowing your soul intimately before you were even born. You have a karmic contract with them – a contract you forget as soon as you enter your physical body.

You have lessons to learn together with this person (or persons, as we more often than not choose to incarnate with a group of soul mates) that can only be learned when you are lumbered with an ego personality and physical limitations… lessons that can only be learned if you forget about the original plan.  In the words of David Bowie: We are absolute beginners… every single time.

And this is why soul mate lessons are so darn difficult. We yearn for the intimate connection which is real since this is someone we have journeyed with both in spirit and previous incarnations and we pin our highest and most fragile hope of the perfect love story on them.


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