‘What’s My Pulling Power?’ Tarot Spread

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Do you want to increase your pulling power? Certain times of the year are more auspicious than others when it comes to increasing your sexual mojo.

I created this spread for an unusually intense Scorpio Full Moon. The Moon was closer to earth than usual and therefore appeared larger in the night sky… the ether was sizzling…

The Scorpio Full Moon is of particular interest to anyone wanting to manifest more passion in an already existing relationship, as well as to singles who want to connect with someone for an intense and passionate love affair. Some of you may be thinking ‘Who would wish an intense love affair on their worst enemy?’ and rightly so…

There are risks involved, of course. Perhaps it is the element of danger itself that is titillating to some of us. The sting of the Scorpion’s tail is something you don’t forget in a hurry. Yet, I sometimes wonder if the poison injected isn’t also a little bit addictive. And let’s not forget about the potential for personal growth that intense encounters provide!

So how do we use the energy of auspicious timing to maximise on sensual pleasures and passion?

Let the cards guide you… and all the better if you have an erotic deck to work with!

Sensual Supermoon Spread

Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo

1. Your pulling power
2. What you are currently attracting
3. What you need to leave behind in order to bring in something new
4. Your deepest, darkest desire
5. What is coming in the time leading up to the next Full Moon


1. 2 of Swords shows that a natural tendency to appear slightly aloof pays off in terms of attracting people to you.
2. The Sun here is a good sign that your own sense of independence and power magnetizes happy people, circumstances and relationships to you.
3. The Ace of Pentacles here is a sign that you need to leave something behind that you feel had hardly even begun. The image speaks of the woman relying on the strength of the man – a man who is no longer in the picture.
4. 6 of Wands is a sign that you desire a confident and passionate lover (Jupiter in Leo).
5. The Ace of Fire brings in a new and extremely passionate love affair. Beware that this could be the kind of affair that lights up like a kindled match and dies out just as quickly…

Feel free to use this Tarot spread any time of year when you are ready to amp up your pulling power!

~ Lisa


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  1. I have been desperately waiting for this Full Moon to write that letter to Archangel Chamuel you mentioned in a former post. This spread is my next spread for a reading. Going off to do it right now. LOL

    Thank you

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