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The Justice Tarot Card in Love

Justice from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

XI Justice is, together with V The Hierophant, one of the two marriage and wedding cards in the deck. From an energy perspective it resonates with the heart chakra and the function of harmonising the feminine and masculine energies.

As you may well have guessed, this is one of the cards in the deck that puts the spotlight firmly on relating, no matter what question you originally asked of the cards.

Justice deals with the communication and harmonising aspects of relating and the legal side of marriage whereas The Hierophant deals with the wedding rites and traditions.

Because Justice also rules legal matters, it is the divorce card in the deck. Look for the reversal or a pairing up with the reversed 2 of Cups, or the 3 or 10 of Swords.

If Justice and The Hierophant show up together in a reading about a relationship, you can pretty much start planning the wedding reception now. Also, if Justice shows up with The Lovers, the Ace, 2 or 3 of Cups, the 4 of Wands or the 10 of Cups, marriage may be in the cards – although…not so quick! It may not be yours! A Page with any of the aforementioned card combos make it more likely that you will soon receive a wedding invitation.

Depending on surrounding cards, Justice may bring some really difficult lessons about fairness, harmony and equality. A perfect example of this is the Saturn in Libra (3 of Swords) energies that we are experiencing at the minute. Justice corresponds to Libra and Saturn in Libra wants us to transcend the ego illusions that limit our ability for unconditional love in our relating.

In a reading, the combination of The World (or Universe) together with Justice is a mirror image of Saturn in Libra (just like the 3 of Swords). This Major Arcana pairing means the end of a model of communication or system of relating that is dysfunctional and therefore has to end. It doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the relationship though. It all depends on the willingness of both parties to buckle down and do the work. Saturn is a hard taskmaster but his rewards are in proportion to his demands.

A while back, I created a Relationship Tarot Spread which is based on the scales of Libra and the energy of the Justice card. Working through this spread will help you learn more about the movement and direction of the energy contained in this card.

You can use the card vibrationally by creating a Tarot Essence if you are in a relationship which suffers from imbalance and disharmony. Taking the essence won’t change the behaviour of the other person but it will help you see the energy pattern of the dynamic you have created more clearly, enabling you to adjust your own heart chakra energy to respond in a more loving way.

If you are single, you would use an essence of Justice to balance your heart chakra energy to dispel the need for a partner to compensate the male/female energy you happen to be low on. That way you are free to attract someone on equal terms.

If the card is used to describe the qualities of a lover, it tells you of someone who is intelligent, wise, fair, peace-loving and a lover of beauty. On the other hand (reversed or ill-dignified), it could be giving you red flags about someone who is a commitment phobic, chronic fence-sitter and who will avoid conflict at any cost, not realising that conflict is sometimes necessary in order to push through to the next level of understanding.

Sexually, Justice puts the focus on aesthetics and grooming or buying new lingerie/cologne might not go amiss if you wish to seduce a new lover or maintain the interest of an old one.



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  1. hi lisa i often find i get this card almost always with usually the temperance card when asking about if ill hear from the ex again funny though with these cards i also pull positiver like lovers or six of cups or 3 of cups even thought the justice card and temperance are sell explanatory it often is hard to grasp karma for him or me he broke it up with me nothing bad happened actually one of those un explained ones but i find it amazing how a card or two is constantly popping up for the same question

    • I’m not sure I understand what you are saying about karma here… Did you expect an immediate repercussion for him for breaking up with you? If so, that is not how karma works. In fact, I think it’s safe to know that nobody knows exactly how karma works. I fully trust that it does work though. We all reap what we sow… How else are we to learn to sow properly? Karma is not about punishment as much as it is about learning.

      • no what i meant was sometimes i have read justice card can signify karma thats why i said for who though i was a bit like but i did nothing wrong lol so but overall my comment was about how it can appear with other cards often so its obviously try to to me something

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I was wondering, if the combination is ace of cups, judgement, page of pentacles, and the reversed of justice, does that mean i’m still going to be receiving a wedding invitation soon? Is this going to be affected by the preceding reversed tower?

      • Hi Lisa,

        I used a looking for love spread that I had found online. The reversed tower card was in the karmic lesson position. I wanted to understand what the tower card meant, so I used it as a significator and pulled out 4 more cards: the ace of cups, judgment, page of pentacles, and the reversed justice card.

  3. I keep getting justice as an outcome when I ask about love or relationships I have also pulled some clairifying cards and I get the ace of swords and the hanged man, I am really confused if this is a bad or good outcome? Any advice???


  4. Hi Lisa, your site is very interesting! I used your yes/no-ace/10- 22 card method to ask whether I should contact someone. I got the Ace of Cups in the 8th position which would relate to Justice (Justice was also the card I drew before it) We’d had a slight misunderstanding a month ago and we’ve both already apologized. Should I take this to mean I need to apologize again (possibly overkill it wasn’t a big thing) or could it mean simply a righting of the balance type of situation? To dispel any lingering awkwardness and restore harmony (we’re both very sensitive…!)

  5. well, im really confuse, i got two tarot that shows the justice and strength and my questions was ‘is he the one for me and will i get married to him’

  6. Hi Lisa, I just did a simple 3 card reading that involved some of the cards that you’ve mentioned in the text above. My question was what my ex was feeling for me at this time (he is currently involved in another relationship since last christmas) I got the cards (1. lovers 2. justice 3. hierophant) getting the feeling of IS IT MY wedding OR someone elses, I drew another clarification cards which was king of pentacles and now I don’t understand anything. Could you please tell me what you think about this and what your professional view is on the matter? Thank you so much for your time and help in advance :-)

    • I get a feeling this isn’t the first time you’ve asked this of the cards… I would leave off asking since he is with someone else now. I believe those cards have been tainted by a combination of over-asking and the intent to find out information that should no longer be relevant since he moved on.

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