Internet Dating Vetting Reading

A while back, I posted an Internet Dating Vetting Spread – a handy little tool to use in shark-infested waters such as Plenty of Fish or other dating sites where the person you meet up with may very well to be turn out to be pretty much the opposite to how they described themselves.  If you’ve been on a few Internet dates, you will be looking at your screen with a knowing smile right about now.

Is it still worth it? Sure! But only if you can do it with absolutely zero expectations. Having a good a healthy dose of dry wit helps too. There are countless really funny and clever Internet dating blogs about for a reason; it makes for awesome story telling!

So if you like meeting new people, go to it, armed with the foreknowledge of a Tarot reading and your sense of humour.

I used the Tarot of Sexual Magic for the reading below:

Internet Dating Vetting Tarot Reading

1. His/her intentions

Shows you why this person is dating.

The 6 of Pentacles here shows me that he is looking for fairness in a relationship. Essentially he sees himself as a good guy who has been treated unfairly in the past.

2.What attracts him/her to me

Shows why the other person feels drawn to you based on your dating website profile.

The Knight of Pentacles here shows me that it’s purely raw physical attraction. He found my picture, liked it and sent a message. There may or may not be spark in real life – only going there will tell.

This card shows me that he is not really concerned with the intellectual, emotional or spiritual connection. It doesn’t mean that they won’t be there at all – they’re just not his primary concern. A small but highly visible red flag has appeared in my mind.

3. The Date

Indicates how the date will turn out.

Uh oh. The 5 of Swords here is not a good sign. Should I or shouldn’t I? Definitely not having any expectations whatsoever after seeing this card.

One indication could be that we both spend all night talking about our ex’s as the 5 of Swords deals with cutting losses. Then again, a bit of talk therapy might just be what the doctored ordered in spite of how it’s considered bad dating etiquette to bring up your ex.

So what if there is no second date, right?

4. Higher reason/karmic link

Shows the spiritual reason for why you are attracted through the ether, or what you could learn from this.

With The World in this position, I feel that it might be worth going in spite of the 5 of Swords signifying the actual date. It might be a step in the right direction of finally firmly shutting the door to the past and bringing new energy in.

5. Hopes and fears

Shows possible hopes or fears the other person might have concerning the date.

He’s definitely hoping for a good night kiss at the very least with the 3 of Wands here. He’s also hoping for a good time in general and I suspect he’s pretty good at making lemonade out of life’s lemons.

6. Advice

This card shows you what to be mindful of and/or what the best approach would be on the date.

The 10 of Cups here could be a heads up to be mindful of personal boundaries as the Mars in Pisces energy of this card is pretty good at merging mindlessly with others.  On the other hand it could also mean that it is OK to keep my heart open and show compassion while being mindful of my personal boundaries as Pisces is all about compassion and helping others.

It may not be about what I can get out of it but what I’m prepared to give from a spiritual perspective.


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  1. Lisa –

    Internet dating is a true minefield! People should take this to heart even when you do not meet the individual on a dating site, but on a professional site. Go slow, ask lots of questions, and meet them for the first time on neutral territory! ;-)


    • Absolutely – it’s just about using common sense really! Stranger danger is very real… not just to kids or on dating sites. Do ask lots of questions. Always meet in public. Never give them your home address. Never get in the car with them until you KNOW they are who they say they are etc. :) I think the most important advice aside from the common sense things to bear in mind though is to only go there if you think it’s FUN. Thanks for commenting and blessings right back atcha! :)

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