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The Wheel of Fortune in Love

The Wheel of Fortune - Gill Tarot

from The Gill Tarot

The tenth Major Arcana is all about endings and new beginnings. Massive and often sudden changes are implied. Big moves are made; risks are taken. Fortunes shift and the rich are made poor, or the homeless person wins the jackpot.

You can almost hear the Fates cackle in the background when the Wheel of Fortune is pulled. When you pull this card, the main thing to remember to be on the lookout for new opportunities coming your way.

Because whether the Wheel is turning in your favour or not you need to be aware of what you have to work with to make the Wheel work for you. Your mantra should be: I’m alert, grounded and centred in the hub of the Wheel.

So what are the implications of The Wheel of Fortune in love and romance?

To a single person, a change of fortune is implied and depending on surrounding cards this could mean either a more or less catastrophic encounter with a player (or worse), or it could mean that you are about to meet ‘The One.’

You will be challenged to take a chance because whatever this new thing is, it will be something something you can’t possibly prepare for in any other way than to expect the unexpected. Think first parachute jump and you get the idea. Think ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’

On the other hand, you could be challenged to desist taking a risk. The gamble might be ill timed, as the Wheel of Fortune is very much a card of ‘right timing.’ It could, for instance, mean that this is indeed ‘The One’ but now is not the time (indicated by a reversal of The Wheel).

If you are doing a relationship reading for yourself and your partner and there is an issue that you have been grappling with for some time, the Wheel brings great optimism and tells you that the solution is at hand.

One or both of you are able to turn things around. You might find that your partner changes drastically and is able to let go of old negativity. Or it could be happening to you. Sudden insights and a feeling of great optimism makes it possible to let go of old grudges and to feel fabulous about the future again.

Projections end and you start taking responsibility for your own shadow stuff. Unforgiveness ceases to be an issue. You stop sweating the small stuff. You start trusting in the goodness and abundance of the Universe, lifting the stress of constant financial worries from the relationship.

“How is all this good stuff possible?” I hear you asking. It’s the blessing of Jupiter, ‘the greater benefic’ which is the planetary correspondence for The Wheel of Fortune. Jupiter rules the higher mind and helps us get our perspective straight.

To a couple, it could also indicate that joint ventures you have with your partner are at the mercy of Lady Luck for better or for worse. As always, surrounding cards will tell you more. Watch out for arrogance though – it could trip you up!

This could be the couple that have decided that the world is their oyster and don’t mind gambling with other people’s money or borrowing big sums of money. Look for cards from the Pentacles suit to indicate financial overindulgence. With the Jupiterian influence overreaching, recklessness and exaggeration are always a temptation – not so nice when the long arm of the Law comes knocking on your door!

I have also seen this card to show up to indicate an unexpected pregnancy in a reading together with The Empress. The pregnancy ended in miscarriage, so the Wheel turned a full 180 degrees in a very short time.

Oh and if this card shows up for your man, you might want to buy him a gym membership or he could start looking pregnant too. The overindulgence of the Wheel easily extends to food too ;)

For sexual intimacy, The Wheel of Fortune could mean that increased optimism in you and your partner also increases the libido and you are more likely to get some if you are in a long-term relationship. Trying new stuff and really enjoying it could also be indicated.

However, if you are kinda sorta seeing someone and being experimental, the Wheel could indicate the need to take precautions and protect yourself against STD’s/STI’s as well as unwanted pregnancy. Risk-taking on behalf of yourself or the person/people you are seeing could be an issue.


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  1. I was single and moping over my ex and had just met someone when i pulled the knight of cups, reversed wheel and the 6 of cups. Im sure the knight of cups represents the guy i am now seeing. Its been intense and im much happier with my own life. Im not sure if hes here to help me/ help eachother or if hes the one. Its been a month and im falling for him, he doesnt officially know but he doesnt want any proper commitment and hes leaving in a few days for the army. Im confused as to which direction these cards are telling me, mostly because of the 6 of cups. I did a spread yesterday and it had platonic relationship all over it but also that we have great possibilities together in the future.. how far can the future go with cards? I never read for longer than a few months, and usually see about 6 weeks.

  2. How would you interpret the Wheel as the outcome in a reconciliation reading? It was clarified by the Seven of Wands.

  3. Hi Lisa, I texted my crush, who is Leo, but he didnt text back. then I asked what’s on his mind when he sees my text, the first card I drew was seven of wands, the second one was the wheel of fortune. What do they really mean in my case :(??? Thank you much Lisa.

    • Nana, please don’t waste your time on this guy. You sent him a text – he didn’t get back to you. It means he is not interested. Don’t try to circumvent common sense with the cards. It NEVER works.

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