Kintsugi for the Broken Heart

Kintsugi for the Broken Heart

There is an ancient Japanese tradition of mending broken pottery with gold-enriched resin, which is said to render the object more beautiful than before it was broken.

This is such a beautiful thought when we consider all the broken hearts on this planet that have been healed by the power of love.

They are indeed more beautiful, more compassionate and also stronger than before they were broken.

The Kintsugi allegory lends itself beautifully to a Kintsugi for the Broken Heart Tarot spread:

Kintsugi for the Broken Heart Tarot Spread

1. The force that broke the heart: The cause of your heart-break
2. The process of gold joinery: How your healing process is progressing
3. The craftsman’s hand: What you can do to help the process along
4. How your heart will be more beautiful once it has healed.