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The Tarot Hermit in Love

The Hermit

The Hermit from the Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding

It almost goes without saying that the Hermit often prefers his own company over the company of others but this card still has a rather interesting role to play when it shows up in love and romance readings.

If it describes the one you desire, you may find that they are either too happy on their own or too self-involved to be open to your flirtatious invites. Or it could describe someone who has chosen to withdraw in order to heal past hurts. If the latter is true, they may well come back out to play eventually – surrounding cards will tell you more.

If you are already in a relationship with someone who is going through a Hermit phase, it is important to give them the time and space they need for contemplation. Next time, it may be your turn. We all have periods in life when we need solitude in order to gain clarity, wisdom and insights.

The Hermit can also symbolise a platonic relationship or a relationship with enforced celibacy due to physical separation.

The Hermit personality may not be celibate but his sexual expression is more often than not autoerotic. A phobia for anything ‘unclean’ could be indicated.

Sexually, the Hermit has a shy, almost virginal quality and won’t take kindly to a less than considerate approach in the bedroom. If you manage to seduce a Hermit, you need to realise that his or her greatest erogenous zone is their mind. The words you use will matter and the connection you intend to establish better have depth! Soothe their nerves by building spiritual and philosophical bridges.

The Hermit card as suggestion for sexual play for a couple could include watching each other play. Or it could suggest that you are both better off with a mug of Horlicks and and a good book than trying to engage physically on that particular occasion.

Agreed long term celibacy for any number of reasons is another possibility when this card shows up in a reading.

It is quite easy for the Virgoan Hermit to become cynical and choose isolation for reasons of mistrust rather in order to gain spiritual insights.

Being connected to the Virgo Earth sign, the Hermit, although often wrapped up in deep philosophical ponderings, appreciates physical tokens of affection – more than most, in fact.


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14 Responses to “The Tarot Hermit in Love”

  1. Seeing Through Dark


    Just few days ago I was doing fun readings with my friend and we pulled this card for her romantic partner. I use the Radiant RWS deck so I was kind of surprised to see this as a romantic encounter and my first thought was cold (because of all ice around him and him wearing ice clue robe) and introvert . Just came across this post of yours and found pretty much same meaning.

    Thank you for writing about this!


  2. Corina

    Interesting. Thank you for this guidance in interpreting the Hermit in this context. It is very timely for me, as I have just received The Hermit Rx in two subsequent Twisting Path relationship readings, first in the second decision position, and a week later in the first decision position. I felt that it indicates that I should not chase him (he is currently running), should give him space, and focus on my own spiritual expansion, but the affect of the reversal is difficult for me to interpret. I think it has to do with psychological and emotional blocks that he is putting up. But from another standpoint an “opposite” interpretation of the Rx would mean that I should be reaching out, or chasing him, I guess? Any further insight you could provide would be much appreciated!

    • Corina

      Oh, he is very mistrustful, too, and I believe he is sinking further into mistrusfulness and not opening up to spiritual awakening.

    • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Hi Corina, I would would read the Hermit Rx as the shadow aspect of the Hermit, i.e. he may be too self-involved for you to get through at the minute. Definitely do not waste your energy on chasing this guy. Ask yourself this: Is he withdrawing in order to be better able to shine his light in the world? If the answer is ‘no’ then the shadow interpretation applies. And even if it didn’t, I don’t believe in chasing a guy. You deserve better, sweetie!

    • Corina

      Haha, we did! I think you got it spot on with the self-involvement! He has spoken of healing his issues and growing, but it may be just lip service, it is hard to tell. I do deserve better, but he is my twin flame (or a near-twin… I felt sure for a while, but have felt some doubt lately), and my inner voice and signals from the Universe seem to have strongly pointed to not giving up on him… otherwise I would have let go and moved on. I do agree that chasing is not what I should be doing. But giving it time seems to be the right path. Thank you for your help & guidance!

      • Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

        You are welcome… and trust me, I know ALL about not wanting or being ready to give up on someone – especially when there is that strong soul connection. Blessings

  3. Rachel

    What would the Hermit represent as a location for meeting a potential love interest?

  4. Mary

    I have done a love spread and the last card is the Hermit.. What does the Hermit represent as “the potential of the relationship”?.. Thank you


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