Month: April 2012

The Reversed Queens - Tarot of the Ages

B*tch Please

Following yesterday’s post about the reversed Knights and Kings called 8 Types of W*nkers, it is only fair that we do a post on the reversed Queens too. You may think it’s unfair of me to only write about four different types of bitches when I’ve listed a […]

Knights - Tarot of the Ages

8 Types of W*nkers

THE 4 KNIGHTS Let’s start with the reversed Knights. Their inner wanker is always close to the surface and doesn’t need much of an invitation to come out to play. These blokes are still young and they wouldn’t know subtle if it hit them in the face. Brimming […]

The Tarot 10's - Ancient Egyptian Tarot

The Tarot 10’s in Love

The 10’s are all related to the epic Wheel of Fortune. Hence endings and new beginnings are indicated. The battle between permanence and impermanence is in full swing and change always wins.  There are opportunities both for shutting down and for expansion. So what do the 10’s mean […]

The Wheel of Fortune - Gill Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune in Love

The tenth Major Arcana is all about endings and new beginnings. Massive and often sudden changes are implied. Big moves are made; risks are taken. Fortunes shift and the rich are made poor, or the homeless person wins the jackpot. You can almost hear the Fates cackle in the […]


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