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Strength in Love

The Strength tarot card is number 8 in some decks and 11 in others. It’s not important which number it has for the purpose of this post. It’s also known as ‘Lust’ in Thoth-inspired decks.

Either way, the Astrological correspondence is always Leo – a magnificent and generously loving, if at times somewhat self-centred energy. Leo loves love and loves to be adored!

The spiritual lesson of the Strength card is to overcome the ego with kindness and compassion, toward self as well as others. When this card shows up, it’s no longer possible to ignore our fleshly drives – they need to be acknowledged and dealt with… but not condemned!

This is a card of embracing sexual desire, not suppressing it! It’s also a card of positivity and optimism. At a deeper level, it corersponds to the Shakti energy wich is feminine but present in both males and females.

It’s a great card for the relationship as it describes a passionate connection and deep mutual desire as well as sheer fun.

Physical chemistry won’t be a problem if this card shows up in a reading before a first date. Making sure you won’t fall pregnant might be an issue though so do take precautions.

Together with The Empress, it heralds pregnancy. Together with The Lovers, you might experience the most passionate encounter of your life. Together with The Devil, it may signify a person who has a sex addiction.

This card is especially important for the female libido and is the female equivalent to the Tower (Mars) in terms of raw sexual power. If ill-dignified or reversed it can be a sign of frigidity and repressed female sexuality. It could describe a wall-flower type personality or someone who is under the thumb of their husband.

For creative types, this card ensures the balance between male and female power and the ability to materialise creative projects. If this card is important to you (as in being one of your birth cards), it is likely that your ability to be artistically creative is tied in with your sexuality to a higher degree than for most people.

To a single person, the Strength card usually heralds an influx of passion and romance. See someone nice? Definitely give them your number! You have a lot of pulling power if this card describes your own energy. If it’s an outside influence in a love reading, you have an admirer who’s not likely to take no for an answer as he finds you completely irresistible!

The erotic emphasis is of the Strength/Lust card is on fun and pleasure any way it can be had (not fussy at all!). As a suggestion for sexual play, why not brave the great outdoors? A secluded sunny beach or forest glade might add some extra fun and excitement. Just don’t get caught. Remember that just about everyone has a video cam in their mobile/cell phone these days! :-D


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  1. I started getting this card as “Love energy for the day” since I met this guy. I asked what he feels about me & got this with Lovers. Very very true. The sexual chemistry is there since first encounter & i have never been so completely bold with any guy, not even with my ex with whom i was for 2yrs. Sex sex sex.. That is the only connection, however, i see between me & this guy. No deeper emotional connection which is just not my thing

    Lots of love

    • Strengths corresponds with Leo energy and the one thing about Leo that can rub others the wrong way (though they are often warm and generous) is a selfish streak which means they are prone to hog the spotlight.

      • Thanks Lisa… My love interest is Leo man.. and I am a sagit. I think he wants me to show him more attention, but he doesnt reply my text messages, I dont really know what he wants :(

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