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The Tarot Chariot in Love

The Chariot

VII The Chariot – Jolanda (aka Swedish Witch) Tarot

The Chariot corresponds to the solar plexus chakra and to the Zodiac sign of Cancer. Lessons concerning personal power and control issues fall under the influence of The Chariot.

In the relationship, this card is not so much a card of togetherness but of personal ambition and can mean that one of you is shutting the other out by virtue by being preoccupied by your own goals. Ill-dignified or reversed it’s usually and indication of passive-aggressive behaviour or being emotionally manipulative in other ways.

However, The Chariot can also be a positive indication of having your temper under control and working well as a team. Like the black and white horse in the Tarot card image above, you are united by a common ambition (the charioteer) and pulling the same direction, in spite of egos/individual differences.

If this card describes your lover, s/he could be a generous, outwardly successful and caring person but also extremely sensitive and with a tendency to withdraw rather than share their hurt with you. They could be giving too much of themselves and feel hurt when the giving is not reciprocated. Rather than be direct about their needs, they may be emotionally manipulative in order to protect their soft inner core.

Surrounding cards will give you more clues and show you whether they are extremely generous (too generous!) or withholding completely. Their life lesson is about finding the balance between the two as well as about defining personal boundaries.

They could also have a tendency toward sentimentality and find it difficult to let go of the past. Being a hoarder is an outward expression of this type of emotional resistance of letting go. At their worst, they can be what is best described as a ‘grumpy old git.’

On intimate level, this is one of the cards that could signify sexual withholding as an expression of passive-aggressiveness. If it comes up as advice in a reading about sexuality, it implies a romp in the Jacuzzi or going skinny dipping by moonlight… or perhaps even a second honeymoon to the seaside!

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