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The Lovers is a card we’re all quite happy to see in a love and relationship reading since it’s almost always a sign that the person we are reading for is involved or about to be involved with one of the key players in his or her life – a soul mate even.

However, this doesn’t always mean that the other person is ‘The One’ in the sense of he or she being the one the seeker settles down with. It simply means that this person has come into the seeker’s life for a reason (to mirror qualities of self) and also that important choices that shape the seeker’s future have to be made due to the impact of this relationship.

In a single person’s Love Tarot reading, The Lovers invariably means that they are about to meet a new love. However, 3 of Swords indicates that the feelings won’t be reciprocated. The Knight of Wands shows us that the other person is likely to be a ‘player’ rather than someone who is willing or able to commit.

For committed love on the horizon, we want The Lovers to show up with the 2 or 10 of Cups, the Knight of Cups, The Hierophant, The Sun or the 4 of Wands.

If this card shows up in a reading for someone who is already in a relationship, it’s often a sign that they or the person they are involved with is ready to take the relationship to the next level. Reversed, and/or next to Justice and depending on other cards in the reading, it could indicated divorce.

It can also indicate that you can now simply enjoy the pleasure of the company of your beloved, especially in combination of the 10 of Cups and the 4 of Wands. Show your beloved that you have no intention of taking them for granted and vow to yourself to make the happiness last and last…

The Lovers can also indicate a soul mate with which you share a past life connection. Click HERE to read more about various card combinations and what they mean in terms of past lives and present karmic contracts.

On an intimate level, language and expressing one’s wishes fearlessly to the beloved is part of the energy of this card which corresponds with the sign of Gemini. This is not an energy that lends itself well to D/s in sex, unless you do it playfully and with the intention of switching roles at some point. The Lovers energy is more concerned with equality and playfulness. Light touch, lots of laughter, whispering sweet nothings, dirty talk and tickles (feathers!) would suit the Gemini energies.


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  1. i got 8 of wands, lovers reversed and justice. I wasnt asking the tarot about a love relationship but i think this may have something to do with one, am I right?

  2. Does the lovers card always refer to the querant? Even when its in a position that is giving information about another person? Could it suggest that the other person has romantic interests elsewhere?

  3. Hi Lisa, I got the Lovers and Ace of cups as his behavior towards me in the next 2 months. These cards look good but I hope I am not being unrealistic. Does that mean he is going to treat me like a new love or lover?

      • Hi Lisa, you are right. We had a relationship before and then broke off. Recently, we have patched back as friends. So I drew the cards to find out his behaviour towards me in the next 2 months…so it could be renewed love like what you said.

  4. Hi Lisa, love your side has provided me with a lot of useful insights. Would you mind quickly expanding on reversed cards? I have had many readers say they do not read cards reversed. Reversed cards can also mean energy of card is not fully developed yet, or timing is not of fruition yet. I recent conductedyourHeart of the Relationship reading and got the Lovers rx as outcome. With the Death card as what your partner may be holding back. Can you please provide any further insights on reversed cards?? ThankYOU& many blessings! Xoxo

  5. **Also this has been a long standing relationship where the guy has been reluctant to committ and we have been on and off casually for for six years now. I am hoping the death card in what he is holding back is a transformation of his beliefs…so hard to read objectively for oneself! Appreciate your time & attention.

  6. Can i just have your guidance in a three card spread i did on what is going to happen between me and a certain guy i have suddenly developed feelings for.

    The cards were (nine of cups) (hanged man) (ten of coins)
    Base card was: Ace of wands
    Quint card was: The Emperor

    My interpritation is that theres a spark there and that my wish will come true but i may need to make some sacrifices but all will end well as i will be stable and secure.

    Could you please tell me if im on the right track.

    • What significance does the base card have here? What is the positional meaning and what is your take on it with regards to your question? The Emperor as the quint… sounds to me like it will be HIS choice whether or not this develops and like you would have to sacrifice a LOT.

  7. Well to me the base card is what card is on the bottom of the deck after you’ve finished shuffling which tells you why you have asked the question in the first place.
    No positional meanings just drew three cards as don’t like drawing just one so i just read them together.
    What is your thoughts on the three cards ? Am i way off track ?

  8. My interpretation of what i THINK the cards mean is in the first message. Just don’t want to be reading the cards wrong as im confused enough with these sudden feelings i have for him as it is.

    • What you call the ‘base card’ is more commonly known as the shadow card. It gives you information about un-/sub-conscious influences. I would see the Ace of Wands as a warning that it is all based on chemistry (flaring up and dying down quickly) and that you are setting yourself up if you fall deeply in love as the commitment factor is not there. Wishful thinking could be implied with the presence of the 9 of Cups.

  9. Its a bit hard for me to get to know him though as only see him for max 1min per 5 days a week as he’s my sons teacher so only see him when i collect my son from school, also there’s two days left and they break up for Xmas hols for two weeks.

  10. Did you get this from the cards or from your intuition as i seen the cards as the total opposit of what you said, so dont know if im reading the cards wrong or my intuitions not working correctly.

  11. Sorry ive only just noticed a previous message i didnt notice before from you about the nine of cups being wishful thinking, yes i understand this can be an interpretation of the card too. But the only thing thats puzzling me most in this situation is because these feelings have suddenly come out of the blue and unexpectedly, i never looked at him in this way before then all of a sudden over night i have these feelings for him and its also someone who is totally not my type which is even more confusing.

    So im thinking why have i been given these feelings in the first place if nothing can ever become of it, i thought there was a reason behind it hence why ive consulted the cards.

    • It’s a little thing called chemistry. It can be pretty random and doesn’t always mean ‘true love’… Think about how Cupid is portrayed by artists (blindfolded when shooting his arrows) and you get the idea. Personally, I think it happens so that we are forced to master emotions – All part of the greater plan. Most people fall in love or develop crushes on far more people than they end up having relationships with… But you’re old enough to know this already.

  12. Hi! A friend of mine gave me a reading using the four card spread and what i’ve got are:
    Queen of Swords
    Knight of Swords
    Hanged Man (inverted, I’m not sure)
    The Lovers

    Can you help us interpret this. Thanks.

    • I can only help with questions about individual cards, not with whole spread interpretations as my time won’t allow for that. Did your friend not do a good job then? Maybe you need a professional reading? The other option is to take this spread to a Tarot forum and ask for help there. But you will need to tell them what the positional meanings are, as well as the question! Nobody can read on four cards without context. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the reply. Actually, my friend gave a wonderful interpretation. What I’m not really sure is about the hanged man and its meaning in combination with the others. By the way, we were asking the cards about my relationship status. I’ll check some of the forum later. Thanks.

        • If you were happy with the reading, I’d say leave it. Not much point in digging around for individual card meanings AFTER the cards have already been interpreted. A reading is done intuitively and in synergy between the reader, the question, the client and the cards… in the MOMENT. Blessings

  13. I did a celtic cross reading and I got justice and the lovers (both upright) as my outcomes. i did the celtic cross for a love relationship (well, more like I’m in love with this woman and I have no idea how it happened or what will happen so, hey, consulting the tarot..) so it seems optimistic as far as the two of us getting together. HOWEVER there were also two pages in my reading, one in the “environmental factors” position (page of swords–I think it might be my best friend Williams, so I’m not too worried) and one in the recent past (Page of Staves)…any thoughts on this? Is there going to be a marriage or bonding of some kind, but not between the woman I’m interested in and myself?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, feedback and questions. Please note that, while I'm happy to answer questions about individual cards, I don't interpret spreads. I get several requests every day about interpreting DIY readings based on my spreads. Even if I had the time, I don’t think it would be a wise investment of my time to ‘read on readings’ – A reading is done in synergy between the cards, the question and the reader… in the MOMENT.

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