Month: March 2012

Strength from the Goddess Tarot

Strength in Love

The Strength tarot card is number 8 in some decks and 11 in others. It’s not important which number it has for the purpose of this post. It’s also known as ‘Lust’ in Thoth-inspired decks. Either way, the Astrological correspondence is always Leo – a magnificent and generously loving, […]

3 Card Reading

P*rn and Tarot

Over the last few days, I have come across a few, totally unrelated posts by women expressing fear that their partners might be watching porn. Shock and horror! Some even categorise it as a form of cheating, apparently.

Walking his Talk

How He Really Feels

Apparently, men don’t like to talk about their feelings. I wish someone would have told me this growing up – It would have saved me a lot of hassle. You may argue it’s just a sexist cliché but as clichés go, I’ve found it to be mostly true. […]

The 7's from the Age of Aquarian Tarot

The Tarot 7’s in Love

The number 7 is a magickal and mystical number. It’s a known as the bridge number between the celestial 3 (Holy Trinity) and earthly 4 (four corners of the world). The number 7 has been revered as a number of great mystical power for thousands of years. There […]


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