Card Meanings

The Empress in Love

As opposed to the mysterious and somewhat aloof High Priestess which often represents an unreachable ideal in a love reading for a man, The Empress (the Mother archetype) represents a nurturing and loving presence in his life. Surrounding cards could provide clues as to whether or not his relationship with his own mother is casting a shadow over his current relationship.

To a woman, The Empress card can indicate a greater need to nurture herself. This could be the woman who ‘loves too much.’ It can also indicate pregnancy – especially if the Ace of Cups, The Sun or the Page of Pentacles is found among the surrounding cards.

Nurturing is one of the main themes for a love reading that includes The Empress but she also has another side… Let’s not forget her connection with the flirtatious and passionate goddess Venus!

Her emotions can be fickle both when it comes to her children and the men in her life. One the one hand she can be jealous and smothering while demanding maximum freedom for herself and on the other hand she can be completely devoted and an expert at bringing out the best in everyone around her by nurturing their creative talents.

The Empress has a passion for creativity and beauty. It is usually a good omen if she shows up in a reading for a date or at the start of a new relationship. In a reading about a date, it would be good to do something that celebrates the senses such as a classical concert, a gourmet meal or a walk along the river on a moonlit night when the Jasmine is in bloom. Or perhaps all three. Watch out though – The Empress is prone to overindulgence!

Sexually, The Empress loves to be pampered. A luxurious massage with rose- or patchouli-scented oil could be the best start to a wonderful evening of sensual indulgence. The same warning as for the High Priestess applies here as well – do take precaution if you do not wish to conceive at this point in time! The Empress is a symbol of fertility in all of nature.

Female infidelity can be indicated with the combination of The Empress and The Devil or the 7 of Swords.

Problems conceiving could be indicated with the reversed Empress. Always consult your GP as the cards are not meant to replace a medical diagnosis or treatment!


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