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The Magician in Love


In a love reading for a single woman, The Magician often represents her soul mate or ideal partner. If she has just started dating and her new squeeze is represented by The Magician, there is great promise that this might be ‘The One.’ 

As signifying the quality of a relationship, The Magician is symbolic of a great mental connection and sparkling communication. This is the card you want to show up in a reading if you ask specifically about intellectual compatibility as the corresponding planet for The Magician is Mercury, the planet of communication.

If you are in a relationship and this card comes up as relationship advice, it usually means one of two things: A) It’s a good idea to spend some time developing your own skills and interests or B) You could benefit from relationship counselling to improve your communication skills.

If you are in a relationship and this card shows up reversed or ill dignified, it could mean that your partner is less than truthful with you. The Magician is known as ‘the trickster’ and one of the archetypes linked with him is Loke, the Norse God of Mischief.

However, at its best the presence of the Mercurial Magician in a relationship could definitely mean the start of either a new and absolutely wonderful relationship or starting over again, with a new and better way of relating/communicating.

On an intimate level, talking dirty and/or giving each other verbal instructions could be fun to try suggests The Magician. Also, he has the best chat-up lines! :-)

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  1. Surround this Magician with Justice and 2 of Cups. Wondering what he has in mind as far as weddings go? Thanks if you can help. :)

      • Three card spread. Question was what would X like me to do? X is a love interest but we are not together. I’m actually committed to another. Thanks for your reply.

  2. I truly respect your honesty. As no two snowflakes are the same, neither are committed relationships. If I felt loved by my long time partner this would never be an issue. The purpose of questioning the cards was to see if getting out of this loveless union would be worth the work and pain that a breakup would bring. And also to really see if this other man who seems to be waiting for me would still be there if I did.

    I love your site. Thank you for all your positive messages that help people like me who are in search of guidance with such matters.

    Best wishes to you….

  3. hi have pulled the magican card twice someone told me before this was someone from my past i dont want this person back as i have someone else now who lovely to me are the cards trying to warn me?

    • I have a policy to not comment on readings done by a third party. The Magician, in general, does not mean someone from your past – that would depend entirely on surrounding cards and their respective positions.

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