Card Meanings

The Fool in Love

The Fool from the Thoth Tarot

When the Fool shows up in a love and relationship reading you know that it is OK to take a risk. Don’t be afraid to date someone new or try something new on a first date. Because of the correspondence with the Air Element and the Planet Uranus, it could also indicate that Online Dating is the way forward for meeting someone new.

However if The Fool shows up reversed or ill-dignified it might be a good idea to really consider the consequences before you take that leap.

If The Fool symbolises your love interest in a relationship reading, it’s a sign that this person is a free spirit. In other words, they may not be looking for commitment at this point in time and could even come across as immature.

The Fool is not someone who strings people along but rather someone who attracts people with their innocent spirit and ability to be present in the now, much like a child.

As advice for activities to try out as a couple, this card is a reminder to do silly, playful stuff together and to not take yourselves too seriously.

Sexually, The Fool advices you to free your mind from any inhibitions. Go with the flow and don’t be afraid to experiment. Be completely in the moment. Also anything sexually bizarre (but not dangerous) is associated with the Fool.

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