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Persephone’s Choice

Those of us who want to live in awareness on all levels of our being, those of us not content to ‘sweep stuff under the carpet’ often struggle to find a partner who is willing to ‘go there’… Every time we try to make a go of it with someone who is happily semi-unconscious, we find ourselves in the Tower space with the relationship sooner or later.

The Tower is a great force that trumps the oppression of The Devil. It is a necessary force for clearing out dysfunctional thought constructs and approaches but it is very tiring to go through this experience over and over again.

This is a spread for those of us who wish to manifest a relationship where both parties are awake, aware and doing the work ‘con gusto!’

~  for manifesting deeply transformative relationships ~

1. The Devil. The first card represents the Devil space, i.e. what needs to be faced in our own inner psychic milieu so that we don’t have to meet the outer form of The Devil (another emotionally oppressive relationship) again.

The Knight of Swords here shows me that I need to do away with a tendency to ‘fight windmills’ due to rash judgements. I am quick to take offense and suspect intent to cause harm where there is none. This is a very difficult space to shift for someone who has suffered abuse but it can be done… How? The second card holds the key.

2. The Tower. The second card represents the Tower, i.e. the action we need to take in order to clear space within and avoid attracting more of the same.

The Page of Pentacles here is someone who has faith that the seeds planted will take root. He is willing to stick it out because he has invested a portion of himself in the work. He stays grounded in the process and pays attention to detail. He knows he has to be patient for situations to develop organically and yield fruit.

3. Judgement. The third card represents Judgement, i.e. the next step on the journey towards a fulfilling relationship with the self and another, after having made a conscious decision to put the past firmly in the past.

The Lovers. This makes me smile… An integration of polarities. Harmony and choices that create more harmony.

Persephone with Pomegranate

I wrote the following poem after my divorce, being clear on what I wished to manifest but not knowing how at the time. I’ve come a long way since then.


In his eyes I died twice,
first to self and then to life.
They are portals to the highest sphere
where all is love and light;
they are doorways to Gaia’s roots
where death begets life both day and night.

His eyes sprout life and death
in equal measure:
I die and am reborn;
I am born and die again:
His gaze is my deepest pain,
my truest pleasure.


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  1. What a wonderful spread and reading Lisa! Wow! And it is so very true in my experience that no matter how much love is present, when it is with someone who is “happily semi-conscious” I have always had numerous Tower moments as a result. Thank you for sharing this spread, I am very excited to give a try for myself!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, feedback and questions. Please note that, while I'm happy to answer questions about individual cards, I don't interpret spreads. I get several requests every day about interpreting DIY readings based on my spreads. Even if I had the time, I don’t think it would be a wise investment of my time to ‘read on readings’ – A reading is done in synergy between the cards, the question and the reader… in the MOMENT.

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