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Do you need guidance or healing for your heart? You have come to the right place!

I offer compassionate and accurate love and relationship tarot readings via email. These are not automated readings – I put my heart and soul into them. Check out my testimonials page.

I also offer a cord cutting service for those struggling to break free from past loves.

On popular demand, I have added non-relationship Tarot, Oracle and Angel card reading services via email. Click HERE to find out more!

On the blog, you will find information on love Tarot meanings for the cards, lots of spreads for love and relationships, tarot love magick, relationship/tarot humour and much, much more…

“dearest lisa, thank you SO much for the beautiful reading, very much on point. yes at first it was frustrating about it not being a time of doing etc but you are so right, everything you said was so very true. also a healer said similar things to me a few days ago so i know i must take note. also, a dream i had recently confirms it. i’m actually glad because you have given me so much clarity, thank you so much! :) deepest blessings” Nicky

“The reading I got from Lisa was truly remarkable. Not only was it accurate, but it was extremely helpful. Lisa is a wonderful example of a person who uses her love of life, work and passion together to bring out the best in other’s lives. Thank you so much, Lisa!” ~ Lindsay

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